Gorillas of the Amped Nation, TURN ON YOUR IMAGES
What's Up at Amped? We Joined Forces with Airrosti!
First, let's make it known that we have some really active members! From the mud pits of Spartan races to parasailing in the skies of Issaquah, we have members who have many different activities that they compliment with CrossFit training! We would love to see how YOU showcase your skills, hobbies, hikes and bikes outside of CrossFit by tagging our Instagram and using the hashtag #ampedoutside. We want to see you out and about, so please... Show us your stuff!

Second, as many of you know, we have a great connection with Airrosti- a local injury treatment clinic- and have built strong relationships with their offices near all three of our gym locations.

We're excited to announce we're taking our relationship to the next level by offering
free clinics on injury prevention to each gym every quarter! As a member, it will cost nothing to come in and hear doctors speak on CrossFit movements, injuries that can occur, and how to move past them if they should arise, but also (and might I add most importantly) how to PREVENT them! Check out when they're at your gym next.
We will be discussing the importance of mobility in relation to stability, and how the two work in conjunction with one another to provide safe and efficient movement. This will be a hands-on workshop where we break down movement patterns, discuss common faults, and work through solutions.
Free Clinic Dates
Fitness Goals Over the Next Six Weeks
Hey Gorillas! Well, summer is over and it's time to get back into a strong rhythm. What better way to do that than to start a new strength program!

Monday marks the first day of our next 6-week program focusing on strength with the Front Squat, Bench Press (yes bench press!) and Deadlift. We'll be doing the prescribed lifting on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's but if you miss a day -in most cases- you can make it up on an off day. Each week we'll also be posting on our social media tips and tricks on making your lifts better, so if you haven't liked us on Instagram and Facebook please click below to add yourself to our community there! It's time to ditch the summer slum and hop on the gains train!
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Healthy Eating is Crucial
With the cool weather coming our way, I can't think of a better recipe to post than an all-time favorite crock pot stew! Toss this together Saturday night and when you wake up Sunday for football and festivities, this will surely be a crowd pleaser! I like to make a double batch so I have leftovers for a few days. ENJOY!
Steve Harwood - Amped Member & Artist
Sometimes it helps to turn off the loud aggressive music we play each day in the gym and listen to something relaxing. Need a new artist and their CD? Please grab a free CD made by one of your own, Steve Harwood!

When Steve isn't busy crushing wods, he's working as an aspiring musician and singer/songwriter. As some of you may know, he also recently performed at Nuemos which was his first live performance- and crushed it! He's made free sample CD's and they are available at the front desk of the gym. Grab one and give it a listen!

Steve took up guitar and vocal lessons in the Spring of 2015, around the time he became a Crossfit Amped member. Shortly thereafter, he began writing and recording original music, recently culminating in a 6 track “EP” album. Physical copies are available free of charge at the front desk of the gym, and it is available to stream on Soundcloud, Youtube and Spotify, and for purchase on iTunes.
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