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2019 Is Here
Greetings Gorillas!

2018 is behind us, and it’s time to look forward to the new year, with new beginnings. And we want to be one of the first places you see improvement: in your experience with us at Amped!

2019 is going to be Amped's biggest year of innovations and service benefits yet. We want to make sure we're doing our best to give you a well-rounded fitness program.

​While our staff have great ideas of their own, we also want to hear what improvements, and member service upgrades you'd be interested in seeing! Also, please tell us what your personal diet and exercise goals are- we don't need to know it's from you, just so we can get a general idea of our members' goals. Please share via the comment link to below-- All responses are completely anonymous.

We greatly appreciate your input and look forward to making our gyms better for you! 
Anonymous comments welcomed!
Upcoming: Nutrition Seminar and 8-Week Challenge
The Amped coaches and I are creating our own new year resolution bandwagon with a HUGE service upgrade to be announced shortly! And, later in January, we'll be hosting a FREE Nutrition seminar which is a great lead into our own first 8-week Body Recomposition (BR) challenge!

But, back to the free nutrition seminar: It will provide you more than enough information on how to make better eating decisions, do’s and don'ts for fat loss, workout supplements, and the good-better-best food choices for being a CrossFit athlete! You can then take this and work it all into your day-to-day, or you can choose to put it to work in our challenge!

Seminar info:
Cost: FREE
Date:  Saturday, January 26th
Time: 11am - 12:30pm 
Location:  CrossFit Amped Bellevue 

Challenge info:
Registration: Jan 26th, closes on Feb 9th

Includes: pre- and post- body fat measurement 
Cost: $179 each

Participation in the challenge includes all the goodies listed below, and is a great measured starting point if you don't know where you're at on these things. And, what better opportunity to move the needle than with your friends?
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Yoga Classes
2019 is a new year and as part of our goal to provide better service to you all, we are making a strong attempt at adding YOGA classes 2-3 days a week and need to know what days and times are best for you all!  Please fill out the space below with your preferred days and times that we could add the class.
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 FaceBook  Twitter  LinkedIn  Forward-email
CrossFit for Kids
Do you or someone you know have children who'd be interested in doing CrossFit classes for kids?  There are a lot of parents who have voiced their desire to bring their kids into the gym and we want to try and build a program for them and others to come!

Right now we are only trying to generate interest in a program 2-3 days a week with a few weekday classes and one weekend class. If you or someone you know are interested, please submit your preferred days and times in the form linked below.

We'll collate the results and move forward from there! Thank you! 
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